Challenges in economic and technological development

The Enterprise Theory and Practice Doctoral School organises the multidisciplinary scientific conference titled

Challenges in economic and technological development

for PhD students and young researchers

Date: 15‐16 October, 2015

The conference will be held together with the 9th International Conference of the Faculty of Economics, University of Miskolc.


Call for Papers

Over the past couple of decades we have seen how technological advances and economic development can lead to decreasing global inequalities. The very same developments however increase the inequality within nations; they tend to endanger the jobs of the lowest paid and the least educated people; they may even lead to the rise of new economic core regions, and to the decline of traditional ones.
We invite doctoral students and young researchers specialised in business and economics, social sciences, engineering or natural sciences to contribute their papers discussing an aspect of our main topic. Submitted papers will be peer reviewed before the conference. The revised papers will be published in our conference proceedings(proceedings CD and online), as well as uploaded to the RePEc database. The best papers will be published in Theory, Methodology, Practice (http://tmp.gtk.uni‐
Conference website: http://gtk.uni‐

Topics of Interest

economic growth and development
economic systems and institutions
innovative business practices
limits to technological/scientific development
social aspects of poverty and inequality
sustainable development and climate change
technological advances and social consequences
Conference Aim
The main goal of the PhD session is to promote scientific communication among the higher education institutions, including the development of personal contacts and research collaboration. The conference provides a framework for discussion and provides publication possibilities. Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings. Selected high quality papers will also be published in the journal Theory, Methodology, Practice ‐ Club of Economics in Miskolc.
Important Deadlines
Registration & abstract submission: June 29, 2015
Notification on the acceptance of application: July 13, 2015
Payment of registration fee: July 30, 2015
Paper submission: September 14, 2015
Notification on the result of the paper review: October 5, 2015
Conference date: October 15‐16, 2015
Submission of the reviewed paper: October 30, 2015
Publishing the papers in the conference proceedings: November 30, 2015

Registration fee: 60 Euro or HUF 19,000; for accompanying persons (who did not submit a paper): 30 Euro or HUF 9,500
Registration link: http://gtk.uni‐
The registration fee covers the  paper revision, text editing, publication and catering costs
Paper submission
Abstracts and papers should be written in clear and concise English
The abstracts should not be longer than 1,500 characters, and should include information on the research problem, the methods used and the suggested papers contribution to the literature of the topic
For the formatting guidelines see the following template: http://gtk.uni‐
Abstracts should be submitted using our registration form
Final papers should be sent to Anna Vízkeleti (
Peer review
The conference will use a double blind peer review process
Hunguest Hotel Palota, Lillafüred, Hungary (
Registration fee: 60 Euro or HUF 19,000; for accompanying persons (who did not submit a paper): 30 Euro or HUF 9,500
Payment deadline: July 30, 2015
Payments should be made to ECOTEAM Közgazdasági Hallgatói Egyesület (shortly: ECOTEAM Egyesület)
Address of account holder: 3515 Miskolc‐ Egyetemváros Pf.: 34.
Bank: ERSTE Bank Hungary Zrt “A ROADtrip to science ‐ a talent guide program from school to research” TÁMOP‐4.2.2.B‐15/1/KONV‐2015‐0003 University of Miskolc Cím: 3515 Miskolc‐Egyetemváros, Pf.: 1.
Bank address: H‐1138 Budapest, Népfürdő u. 24‐26.
Bank account number for Hungarian transfer: 11600006‐00000000‐63631964
IBAN: HU25 1160 0006 0000 0000 6363 1964 Swift code: GIBAHUHB BIC code: GIBAHUHBXXX  
NOTE: please fill out the note with the name of conference participant and the mobile phone number (in following form: FIRSTNAME_FAMILYNAME_0036701234567)
Organising Committee
Prof. Klára Szita (co‐chair)
Prof. Károly Balaton (co‐chair)
László Berényi, PhD
Zoltán Bartha, PhD
Róbert Marciniak, PhD
László Molnár, PhD
Gábor Réthi
Dóra Szendi
Anna Vízkeleti
Conference website: http://gtk.uni‐
The PhD session is supported by the TÁMOP‐4.2.2.B‐15/1/KONV‐2015‐0003 project, financed by the European Union, with the co‐funding of the European Social Fund