Being Part of a Community – 2nd DOSZ Ambassador Workshop

The ambassadors joined the DOSZFeszt Open University on its second day in Debrecen. Ten students from Albania, Tunisia, Palestine, Ghana, Russia, Mongolia, India, Jordan, Bangladeshi, and Iran seized this opportunity to introduce their PhD national organizations, with the intention to establish contacts with them to strengthen their ties with the Hungarian scientific community. They worked in groups on an event planning activity and then reflected individually on their goals through the Personal Development Plan.

Afterwards, they visited Agora Scientific Center where they had the chance to use the interactive exhibits and games, be involved in some scientific experiments, as well as surf in the sky and gaze at celestial bodies inside the Planetarium, one of the largest portable digital domes in Hungary.

The day was concluded with an international dinner where the ambassadors had the opportunity to network with other attendees – doctoral candidates form all over Hungary – while enjoying a Hungarian wine tasting experience. An optional socializing event was also held at the colourfully flash-painted Water Tower to enjoy a Hungarian open-air concert. Next day, there was also a possibility for spending some relaxing hours in the Aquaticum Spa.

The goal of the event was to strengthen the community of ambassadors and to collect the good practices for the ambassador projects from the colleagues.