Smart, Sustainable and Safe Cities Conference 2019




Smart, Sustainable and Safe Cities Conference 2019


Planned date: 07 - 08/02/2019

List of Topics

  • Technologies for smart cities
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Information and data processing, algorithms, agents, simulation and prediction
  • Best practices for smart cities transformation
  • RFID based control system for smart city Transportation
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems and technologies
  • Computer-based systems for smart cities
  • Intelligent Computing Systems
  • Applications of artificial intelligence in smart cities
  • Sensors, networks, smart and emerging technologies
  • Smart city system security and privacy
  • Urban computing for smart cities
  • Smart city big data and open data
  • Smart city sensing and IoT
  • City environment monitoring and analysis
  • City emergency management and infrastructures
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Control network and SCADA security
  • Factory 4.0
  • Smart cities are energy efficient cities
  • Intelligent Manufacturing and automation
  • Smart Materials and Systems for smart cities


The Committees

Patron of the Conference

The Scientific Board

  • Barna László IANTOVICS, Romania
  • Dalibor DOBRILOVIC, Serbia
  • Francesco FLAMMINI, Italy
  • György SCHUSTER, Hungary
  • Gyula MESTER, Hungary
  • Hiro FUJII, Japan
  • Josip STEPANIC, Croatia
  • Mihály LADOS, Hungary
  • Tünde KOVÁCS, Hungary
  • Zoltán RAJNAI, Hungary


The Organizing committee

  • Dániel Tokody, Head of the Organizing Committee,
  • Anna Kovács Tünde, member of the Organizing Committee,
  • Zoltán Nyikes, member of the Organizing Committee,
  • Gyula Mester, member of the Organizing Committee,
  • József Papp, member of the Organizing Committee,
  • László Ady, member of the Organizing Committee. 



Invited Speakers

Coming Soon…

  • Gyula MESTER: Service and Personal Robots in Smart Cities



SSSCC 2019 abstracts in digital Proceedings
All abstracts submitted to the conference will be published in the peer-reviewed digital Proceedings. The maximum length of the abstract is 1 page. Proceedings will be published on-line in Open Access with an ISBN number.

Articles in journals
Full articles associated with contributions presented at the SSSCC 2019 conference will be facilitated for publication in journals. Conference internal/ external reviewers will advise authors on how to improve the manuscripts and suggest journals suitable for publication. Authors will select a journal for publication.
Final revised articles submitted to journals by the authors will undergo peer-review procedures consistent with journals’ standards. Typically, at least two independent journals’ reviewers will have to approve the final manuscripts.
In addition some journals will offer special issues or invite/accept regular submissions for selected SSSCC 2019 full papers. The publication process will be supported by conference editors and reviewers.



The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Students (DOSZ)
Óbuda University
IEEE SMC Technical Committee on Homeland Security


Óbuda University (1084.Budapest, Tavaszmező u. 15-17.)


Dániel TOKODY,


Óbuda University
Óbuda University Kandó Kálmán Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Companies, SMEs and other organizations are invited to present their solutions during the conference. Enquiries about sponsorship should be sent to the e-mail address of the conference (

Special Partners

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